Essential Oil Research

Helpful Tips

If you start to research Essential Oils, you will find some much information out there, it becomes confusing and frustrating. Each article contradicts the other and all companies say they have the most pure essential oil available. How do you choose the right oils for yourself and your family? Listed below are just a few simple items to check off your list, when researching essential oils.

Things to look for...

1. The name of the Oil should include the Common Name and the Latin(Botanical Name).
    a. The Common name will vary by Region.

2. The location where the original plant material was grown, should be listed.

3. The specific part of the plant used in the extraction process.

4. How was the plant grown? (Organic and Wild Crafted as an example)

5. Each Oil should have a Batch Number, Born on Date or Expiration date. (One of these will identify a specific batch of essential oil)

6. Each individual oil should have a quality assurance testing document available. A certificate of Analysis per the specific batch of oil.
    a. GC / MS - Certificate of Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry.

Certified Organic

Organic Information & Certificate Downloads

Download Food Grade Soil Association Certificate of Registration
Download Food Grade Soil Association Trading Schedule
Download Health & Beauty Soil Assoc Certificate
Download Health & Beauty Soil Assoc Trading Schedule
Download Allergens List for Essential Oils